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Boutique Exclusive Collection

We create Exclusive Collection or you can choose a newly Design Collection to be sold in your Boutique, to allow them to stand out from your competitors. The Creator is constantly designing new collections. In order to receive an Exclusive Collection for your Boutique you can either email or call us to set a meeting. We will go over the details of your Boutique and the design needs.

​Personal Exclusive Collection

We love creating exclusive collections or pieces for personal use. There is nothing like having your pieces or collection design just for your closet. In order to get this awesome service we would need to set a meeting via Skype, Facetime, or in Person to assess your closet and wants.  

​Custom Made-to-Measure

We can Custom Design, Red Carpet Gowns, Wedding Dresses, and Bridesmaids Dresses. Jumpsuits & Dresses. For Custom Made-to-Measure Design please contact: